Front-End Frameworks (AngularJS)

Front-End Frameworks (AngularJS)

This course is an introduction to JavaScript Front-End Frameworks which enable rapid front-end development meeting modern best practices. Students will learn how to create Single Page Web Applications (SPA). Framework-specific concepts will be covered, outlining the nuances associated with the elective framework (AngularJS).


Objectives of this module are

  • Learn how to create Single Page applications
  • Learn about Modular Front End Design
  • Learn about the various MV* Design Patterns
  • Learn about Data Binding
  • Learn about Routing

Mastery Project
  • Car Dealership App
Core Technologies
  • AngularJS, JavaScript
Operating System Requirements
  • Windows 7+, OSX 10+, Linux
Target Average Time to Complete Course
  • 40 Hours
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